Monday, September 10, 2007

Folk Arts Produces Characters

Folk Arts Produces Characters

We all have our own little foibles and quirks, but there are certain people who stand out and the Folk Arts seem to have more then its fair share. I am not talking about ability, we have astounding people of ability, I am thinking more in the lines of people who have character and create the most wonderful things both from an artistic and practical stand point.

Without trying, I can think of three people in the Columbus area that stand out as characters and are nice people to know. (I am not saying who.) They will be remembered for years after they have gone while the rest of us will be forgotten within six months if that. we will be recalled only because of some event that reminds people of us.

I offer the link below as a guide to the type of person I mean. He is not local, but you know the type.

Just a reminder that the Festival the Historical Society is on the 15 and 16 of September. I was to be an Emcee, but I have to cry off as I have to work both days. Have a good time.

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