Sunday, September 2, 2007

Brian Joseph

For those of you not aware. On Thursday night at the Stagecoach as we were just finishing, Brian Joseph had an heart attack. The ambulance took him to the hospital in Circleville and he was then put on a Med flight to Mount Carmel East.

I visited him today, Sunday, and he is a lot better, but still in ICU. He has had a stent and they are hoping things will now improve. He has been up and about but it takes a lot out of him. Unfortunately there is no phone in the room. He is in 2E10.

He appreciated all the people who stayed behind to make sure he was alright and to Dave and Dick for their making phone calls for him.

It is interesting how we all get our priorities right. When he came round, but was still groggy, the first thing he asked his wife was. "Did you take my mandolin out of the car?"

Lets hope he makes a quick and full recovery.

Contact me if you require more information.

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