Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Party Time

Party Time

The 2nd birthday party of the Open Mic Night will be on the 6 September. After consultation with Mike Powers and regulars who new Bill Fleming, it has been decided that we will hold the party and tribute on the same night. Mike suggests and I agree, that Bill would have enjoyed the party and anyone who wants to dedicate a song to Bill can do so.

Come along to the Stagecoach on the 6 September and have a good time. Let's have some of the people from way back then, calling in for some fun. It will be a packed night so get there early if you want to get your name down.

This year the Monty Python sketch will be the....."We Were Poor".... . I know of some who want to be involved, but I need a couple more. First come first served.

I promise I will not smash any guitars this year, but I will think of other crazy things to do.

It's fun time folks.

Who is Birthday boy and how old is he???? No Jack you can not enter.


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