Friday, August 24, 2007

Killer Heat

Killer Heat

The only thing I can blame for a bad turnout at the Stagecoach last night was the heat, plus the humidity. It was bad and with the heat index at around 103 deg AC was the answer.

We had a new visitor in Connie Harris from Columbus, what a pleasant voice and a nice person. I hope she comes back again, thanks Jack for introducing her to the Stagecoach. I also had chance to speak to Steve and Marty (I hope that is right I have been to bed since they told me their names) they are from Columbus and have been attending the Stagecoach as members of the audience for some time. It turns out that Steve is a budding guitarist. I little encouragement from the rest of the Stagecoach crowd and we will have him on stage.

Sunday is the last of the Columbus Folk Music Society's summer picnics. From 1 PM until around 5 PM at Blacklick. The shelter is at the third left turn (if you count the Beech-Maple lodge as the first) and will be one of small shelters along the wooded part to the back. Listen for the music. It is a pot luck and jam session with lots of nice people to meet, all are invited you do not have to be a member.

A Note for your diary

September 6 is the Stagecoach Open Mic 2nd birthday party. If you want to sign up come early because we will be packed out.

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