Thursday, August 30, 2007

Head Cook and Bottle Washer Required

Head Cook and Bottle Washer Required

Anyone out there willing to take on a little job for the Columbus Folk Music Society winter concerts. We are in need of someone to run the coffee and food on the last Saturday of the month at Areopagitica. Not a lot of work involved but important. Contact me if you are interested.

Thank you all the kind people who wrote, emailed and called regarding my being in the Arts Section of the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday. 20 Over 60. I was very surprised at the response, it just shows people do read their papers.

I mentioned previously that I was a little concerned that I had not seen Tom the Ukulele Man. He contacted me to say he had not been to well, but would be there at the Stagecoach on Thursday night. It is always good to see Tom.

6 September is the Stagecoach Birthday Party and Bill Tribute. Come along for fun and games with lots of music.

I am still one short to do the Monty Python sketch this year. Contact me if you want to help.

You will also see me do the Mime of Michael Angelo creating the statue of Adam and Eve. Not to be missed.


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