Monday, August 6, 2007

Folk Music Loss

I must admit that since Bills death the wind has gone out my sails. I have been remiss about a number of things and I apologise. Not only did we lose Bill Fleming last week, but there was also the death of Tommy Makem to cancer.There was a tribute to Tommy at the Dublin Festival by a number of folk artists. A sad loss to the music world of two music lovers. At the moment I am working with Mike Powers to hold a tribute night at the Stagecoach for Bill. I will keep you informed.

Standing room only at the Stagecoach last Thursday with supporters of Bob and Ralph, We Don't Know Yet, and Bob and Cassie all out in force. We Don't Know Yet may soon have a name, we held a quick competition to suggest names, but most of the were unrepeatable.

The encouraging thing to me is the number of youngsters who come along to join us and perform. Cassie, Tom Edwards, this time without his brother and little Kami, Ralph's grand daughter were in evidence and they had a good time with us old fuddy duddies. To there age anyone over 25 is old so that includes Jack. (In joke).

Where do you start with the Dublin Festival?

Suffice to say it was a success regardless of the rain on Sunday. I had two performances on Sunday and arrived to find the place was being evacuated because of the lightning. 30 minutes later we were all back in and carried on as if nothing had happened.

I am not going to bore you with a list of bands I will just say I had a great time and listened to some very good music over the three days. One band I did get to listen to who I had not been able to get to before, was local group Vinegar Hill. I am glad I took the time to listen to them. My type of band this. Lots of fun, plenty to sing along and clap to and an approach that says we are having a good time so come along with us. Any potential fiddlers out there you have to listen to this group.

The Columbus Folk Music Society picnic was a let down with only 14 people turning up. A prestigious organization like the Ohio Historical Society and an opportunity to show what the society could do and it was attended to by a handful of stalwarts.

Keep those gig dates coming in.


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