Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Columbus Folk Music Society August Picnic

Columbus Folk Music Society August Picnic will be at Blacklick Woods from around 1 PM until 5 PM 26 August It is a pot luck and jam session.
The shelter is at the third left turn (if you count the Beech-Maple lodge as the first) and will be one of small shelters along the wooded part to the back.

This is a chance to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know other music lovers.

Just to let you know how the blog is doing. There are 88,000 blogs registered on and the best we have been is 152 out of those 88,000. We are getting visits from all over the world.

Keep those gig dates coming and also information on other web sites of interest and any articles or reviews you would like to offer.

Photo's are of the Rainey's who will be appearing at the Folk Society Coffee House in September

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