Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This band is hammered by viewers.

Can anyone tell me why?

They remind me of Great Big Sea, a band I enjoyed tremendously when they came to Columbus. I know I am musically challenged so, I would dearly love to know why so many people do not like this style?

Put your comments on the blog and get a discussion going to enlighten me.




Anonymous said...


I didn't play basket ball; so, I don't know much about the Celtics - I didn't even know they played music; but what I heard sounded pretty good - maybe they could have used a few ukuleles in the mix.
As Jeff has said, "It's a young person's thing," this music biz. Ya gotta be young and cute and sexy to make it to the Ed Sullivan Show; and, frankly, that tall girl playing the fiddle has nice hair, but she's awfully flat-chested.
There's the problem!!

Yours - Uke Man

Anonymous said...

Nah, Uke Man. It's the barefoot bodhran player that gives Slainte the bad name. I didn't know that there were hillbillies in the UK!