Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good Music

There is plenty happening over the next few weeks. Do not miss the Dublin Festival the first week in August and the Columbus Folk Music Society Picnic at the Historical Society the last Sunday of the July. I will send separate information on this with directions etc.

Full House at the Stagecoach on Thursday night with 12 performers and both sides of the bar full. There were three new performers and a return of "We Don't Know Yet"

Cassie a young lady from Cincinnati gave a very good first performance on stage. This included some of her own material. This is a good young talent that should be encouraged. I hope we see more of her in the future.

Nathan came along last week, but did not perform. This week we gave him no option. He had three people encouraging him to get his guitar out of the car and I am glad he did. Another person who was a first timer and he gave us a good set. I think we have him hooked.

Richard had not played out for many years, but I am glad he came to the Stagecoach. Because of his style of music people were calling out request, this was good stuff.

There will be photo's next blog.

One of the things I like about the Stagecoach is the encouragement given to not only new people but to people just learning their stage craft. I have to say that the Stagecoach is the highlight of my week. When I see those people coming through the door it is a good sign for the future of folk music.

Keep those gigs coming and pass the word about the blog. I am off to see the Rainey's tonight (Saturday 21 July). If music be the food of love, I need a diet.


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