Sunday, July 1, 2007

Folk Music is living

If anyone near you says there is nothing to do, give them a kick and tell them to get into the real world. We have been spoilt for choice this past week and the outlook for the summer is amazing.

Thursday at the Stagecoach was another full night with eleven performers. A newcomer was Charlie who gave us a very entertaining set and will be welcome back anytime. The same goes for Hallsvillians two Young lads who came to the Stagecoach for the first time on the 21 June when I was away. I hope these performers become regulars because, they would be an asset to the Open Mic.

Friday night fourteen musicians turned up at COSI in the new WOSU radio studio for a jam session put on by the Columbus Folk Music Society. It was a wonderful two hour session of just about all shades of music. I had a great time and as usual it never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent we have in the area. It is a pleasure to be involved. There was a ever changing audience as was expected, but at one time there was a good number of people singing along and becoming part of the banter.

Sunday was the graduation party at the home of Chris and Linda Boles for their daughter Rachel. Being it was the Boles as you may expect music was prominent. Because of personal circumstances I could only drop in for a minute but it was all going well with lots of food and musicians in prominence. It would have been nice to sit outside and chat and play.

Anyone reading this blog who does not play but likes to listen please do not think what is going on is not for you. It is. You will always be welcome at an event and made to feel at home. Mention you read the blog and would like to hang around. If I am there make yourself known to me and I will ensure you become one of the group. We have fun and are good friends.

This week check the calendar out for, The Mac, Open Mic at the Stagecoach and Halfway Home. All good stuff.

Let me have your information for the calendar and you web address for the links section.

All the best



Anonymous said...

John got to hear Halfway Home Sat. night for the first time. What a great group. Their new CD is Sooooo good 14 great songs. Were playing it over and over. See you Thur. at the STAGECOACH.

Bob from the Stagecoach

John Locke said...

Thanks Bob I am glad you enjoyed them.