Monday, July 9, 2007

Busy calendar for July

If music be the food of life, I want to be obese.

Once again the calendar is filling up fast. Thank you one and all for the information keep it coming.

I had some photo's e mailed to me of a few unsavory characters. I have included them in this blog. If you see them around beware, their instruments have been known to go off with the slightest provocation.

Some people will play anywhere just to get in front of an audience.

Keep the photo's and information coming and promote the Folk Blog. We are doing well at the moment. The number around 300 that fluctuates is our ranking on a web site with 34,000 blogs on it. (See the right side bar) Not bad for a Blog that has only been going a few weeks. If we can get into the top 50 it will mean that a considerable number of visitors will be looking at the blog and looking at your information.

Would the people who have a link on this site please consider putting the Blog on their web site. It helps the search engines and promotes the blog.

Have a good time folks


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