Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Your Folk Music on line

Columbus Folk Music Society member Cindy Funk has her own on line folk program on WYSO. She is looking for submissions so go to it. I will paste the information she sent to me for you to
pa ruse.

Thank you Cindy this is what we want.

The Dear Green Place Host: Cindy Funk
Saturdays 3-5pm
Streaming live on: www.wyso.org
Traditional and contemporary celtic music from all over!
Music submission contact: wyso[at]cindyfunk.com

Artist // Track // Album // Label

ARCADY // The Sally Gardens/Miss Macleod’s Reel/The Foxhunter’s/The Bucks of Oranmore // Many Happy Returns // Shanachie
KAREN MAL // Do You Love an Apple? // Dark-Eyed Sailor // Waterbug
ED MILLER // When the Boys Come Rolling Home // Scottish Voice // Wellfield Records
GRADA // Pint of Reference // Endeavor //
CATHAL McCONNELL // The Banks of Strathdon // Long Expected Comes at Last // Compass Records
JOE DERRANE // Dever the Dancer/Come Upstairs with Me/Kid on the Mountain // The Tie That Binds // Shanachie
PADRAIGIN NI ULLACHAIN // The Willow Tree // An Irish Lullaby // Shanachie
BRENDAN BEGLEY // The Kerry Hills // We Won’t Go Home ‘Til Morning // Kells Music
DONAL MURPHY, MATT CRANITCH and TOMMY O’SULLIVAN // Anniversary Polks/Daybreak/The Kerry Bar // Slaibh Notes // Kells Music
BETH PATTERSON // Heather on the Moor // Hybrid Vigor // Little Blue Man Records
GORDON MOONEY // Mount your Baggage/Go the Berwick, Johnny // Temple Records Sampler // Temple Records
ARTISAN // Snakes and Ladders // Breathing Space / Bedspring Music
CELTIBILLIES // Roddy McCorley // The Shoemaker’s Child // Zygoat Records
BEGINISH // I Courted a Wee Lass // Beginish // Tara
MIKE KATZ // The Best Englishman/Chase the Train/Mr MacKinnon of Corry/Le Tire-Bouchon // A Month of Sundays // Temple Records
SPIERS and BODEN // Bold Sir Rylas // Songs // Fellside Records
JAMES McNALLY // The Isle of Innisfree/Sheas Mo Chroa // Every Breath // Windham Hill
JOHN DOYLE // Blue Diamond Mines // Evening Comes Early // Shanachie
SOLAS // The Ploughman // Waiting for an Echo // Shanachie
JUNCTION POOL // Easy Peezy // Junction Pool //
JOHN WESLEY HARDING // The Golden Glove // Trad.Arr.Jones // Way Out West
BOB FORD // Drowsy Ship O’ Daniel’s Isle // Daddy’s Hands //
ED MILLER // The Old Woman and Her Cat // Live at the Cactus Café // Wellfield Records
PADDY O’BRIEN // The Golden Eagle Hornpipe/Ed Reavey’s Reel // Stranger at the Gate // Green Linnet
TAOS // Celtic Sea // Fiddler’s Green //

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cindy said...

Gee, John,
thanks for publishing my playlist from last week. Norm Whitman and I were broadcasting live from the Street Fair in Yellow Springs.

Norm (also a CFMS member) and I do radio shows on WYSO, 91.3fm. We stream live on the internet, so everyone can listen wherever they are! www.wyso.org

Norm's show is called Detours, and he plays the gamut of folk music, but highliting songs with conscience, message and meaning.

My show, The Dear Green Place is all Celtic music. Mostly traditional without too many drums!! 8-) You'll hear music from Scotland, Ireland and anywhere else there are jigs and reels and good songs.

In addition, our band Sweetwater sponsors an internet radio station called Sweetwater Folk, that broadcasts only mountain and hammered dulcimer music.

I'm always looking for great music to play - whether Celtic or dulcimer. Contact me at: cindyfunk@woh.rr.com