Monday, June 11, 2007

Music for all

The Stagecoach got back to it's normal attendance on Thursday night. I think people had already had enough of the heat and were looking for some free AC. In fact they wanted some music and they were not disappointed.

The highlight of the night was the return of John and Janet Schomburg. John has been at OSU for the last few months and not been able to come to the Stagecoach. He and Janet were welcomed with a cheer and lots of shouts of "Welcome back". Being away so long John had lots to tell us as you can imagine and he did so with the typical dry humor he is known for. It was good to see them back there.

Saturday night saw me at Areopagitica Books for the Bookshops regular second Saturday concert series. Guests were Larry Pennington and Jonathon Samos. Two more contrasting performers you could not wish for and it worked. The polished approach of Larry against the laid back Jon was a wonderful combination. A small but appreciative audience with lots of banter gave the evening a good feel.

Larry Pennington

I have watched Larry Pennington blossom over the last two years. He is a song writer of passion who puts his feeling out for everyone to hear and it is a pleasure to listen. Add to that a good guitar technique and a budding presentation style and you have a very enjoyable experience. I think you will be hearing a lot from Larry in the near future.

I so enjoy Jons relaxed style. He is so easy going he takes you with him on a gentle journey around the country following his own exploits, all explained in song. Humor, pathos and adventure are all there delivered in that super voice that gets an effortless falsetto to add color to his songs.

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