Monday, June 4, 2007


The Columbus Folk Music Society have been asked to hold a jam session at COSI in the new

OSU/ NPR radio studio. You are all invited to join in the jam, or just be a listener.

It will be a family evening with tours of the studio going on as we play. Seats are being provided for the visitors to sit and listen if they should desire.

It is important that if you come you have a list of songs ready to play, or sing, when it is your turn. The format will be to go in order in a circle.

Do not feel obliged to lead. If that is not your thing and you just want to play, no problem. Just let me know so that I do not call on you and embarrass you.

Date.....29 June 2007
Time....arrive 6:30 pm or as soon as you can
Play from....7pm - 9pm

Please spread the word. This is a chance to get our music out to the public and playing there who knows what may happen.

Contact me if you want to join us so I can give them numbers.

all the best


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