Monday, June 4, 2007

Folk Odyssey

Folk Odyssey

Where have all the Folkies gone

On Thursday night

Thursday night at the Stagecoach was the quietest since the nearly two years we have been going. I put it all down to the weather. There were seven performers but very little audience.
(Master sound man
Dave Rainey)
We may have lacked numbers, but there was plenty of quality. Lots of banter and leg pulling. Good fun.

Have you been to a concert lately?

Bought a new CD lately?

Got an opinion on the music scene.

Want to let people know how a gig went.

Then why not write about it and I will Blog it as a separate item. Send me photo's with your article and I will include them. This is an ideal opportunity for you to Blog without they work of maintaining a Blog. This is what this Blog is for. YOU.

Check out the calendar from the Blog, it is filling up for June. Let me have your gig list and I will include it.
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Ukulele Man said...

Hey John,

I was out of town. The band and I have a show Thursday - 11:30 a.m. at the Columbus Arts Fest, but if I'm still kickin' by evening, I'll try to stop by.

- Ukulele Man