Friday, June 15, 2007

Folk Music People

One of the nice things about being involved with the Open Mic at the Stagecoach is that you never know who will be dropping in. Thursday night we had a visit from Mike and Barb Cunningham of Vinegar Hill fame. What a delightful couple they are. I know they were regular weekend performers at the Stagecoach and it was nice of them to pay us a visit. I am looking forward to meeting them again soon. I understand they are well booked for the summer so look out for their dates.

Some times I think the Open Mic runs itself. I am sure that if there was no one to Emcee, it would just go on as usual. The loyalty towards the Open Mike is staggering. Ken who finished work and had virtually no sleep still drove all the way up from Chillicothe with his wife and friends, Jack had just finished a twelve hour shift and was going back to work that night, Dick from Worthington Woods who is always there early and available to set up if I am late. Dave on sound who without any asking turns up every week to ensure we have good sound. These and the rest of the regulars are the salt of the earth and I appreciate everyone of them for their contribution and support.

Hartley and Joseph have some tee shirts with their logo on if you want to purchase one contact Brian or Jeff. They are very nice shirts and value for money.

Do not forget........29 June is the Jam Session at COSI in the new OSU Radio station area. All Jammers welcome, tell your friends. Lets have a good turnout and show them we are here. Check the Calendar for details.

Lots going on over the next few weeks so keep an eye on the calendar and let me have information about your Gigs so I can include them.

Once again. If you know someone who is interested in music get them to sign up for this Blog. Send the address to your friends the more involved the more news and information we get.

E mail me your news and I will add it to the Blog.

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