Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Boggy Bottom Boys

When this starts you will be saying "what the" but this is having fun British style. As long as they do not give up their day job they will be fine. You may have problems understanding the dialog but stick to it and you will get the gist.


Thank Pam


Ukulele Man said...

Hey John,

When these blokes made their entrance, I thought it was a Klezmer band, but they introduced themselves as "Aimish" ("Amish" to Yanks - at least to Ahia Yanks).

But then, when they talked, it became clear that - if they actually WERE presently either Jewish or Amish - they were fresh converts.

Until recently they've obviously been Pirates !!

Just listen to all the "Aargh's"!!

- Uke Man

p.s. All praise to the Flying Spaghetti Monster !! Aargh !!!

Ole Prozac Cowboy said...

Ten thousand years of technology, the lives of thousands of dedicated men of science and learning down through the centuries, electricity, sophisticated computers, all leading up to this. Sigh.