Monday, May 21, 2007

Summer Time

Summer time is festival time. For the Columbus Folk Music Society the festival has gone, but the debrief took place on Sunday. Listening to the comments from the volunteers, once again I was impressed with the enthusiasm of these individuals determined to make the festival even better. Members of the CFMS put in a lot of hours to get the festival up and running and much praise should be heaped on them. As there should be, there were individuals who had differing ideas and these were expressed and a vigorous debate ensued. This is the way things get done. I would much prefer to deal with honest upstanding people who have the strength of character to come to the debrief and put their views forward, then people who carp in the background and do nothing.

It was a busy week for anyone who wanted some music. The calendar is filling up fast and there is plenty of choice

Last Thursday at the Stagecoach Open Mic it was a quite evening with the weather picking up. What seems to happen is that when the weather improves people have work to do outside, after a week or so, as soon as they get on top of it, they start coming back to the Stagecoach.

Next Thursday will be a surprise for someone. I am not giving the game away, but it will be a little special for one regular who has been a major contributor to the Open Mic. This person is a real behind the scenes, help people with their music person of considerable experience who has spent a lot of time helping others.

Speaking of helping others. Our regular sound guy and the unpaid leader of the Peanut Gallery, Dave Rainey played with his daughters on Saturday night to celebrate his oldest daughters graduation. There were also members of Sweet Sixteen the other band Dave plays in. The place was full and we had a great time.

Let me have information on anything you have coming up and I will put it on the Calendar. Comments on concerts etc you have been to on the blog.

Pass this web address on to anyone who may be interested and ask them to do the same. if we build the numbers up we can have a mine of information and expertise available for readers.

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