Monday, May 28, 2007

Music Week

Being the holiday week it was expected to be busy, but this new blog and the calendar excelled itself. In fact the whole month of May is full of events for you delight. Thank you for signing up and keep sending me your events so I can put them on the calendar. Pass on this Blog to as many people interested in Folk Music and the surrounding music field as you can. The more people who sign up, the more information spreads about YOUR event. If you have a web site let me have it and I will add it to the list. I have already had people telling me they have been looking at web sites of people and groups they did not know existed.

The Stagecoach Open Mic was a full house on Thursday for the Tribute to Jeff Hartley. Jeff is a prolific song writer and someone who devotes a lot of time to helping others. Nine of his songs were performed by a list of twelve performers. The high regard in which Jeff is held was shown by the number of people who took the trouble to learn his songs.

There were two new performers Jimmy Moop who showed his experience by his stage presence and performance and Dani Harness who had an unbelievable voice and projection. It was a pleasure to meet them and listen to their sets. I hope they will return.

Friday I did sound for a group of people at The Mean Bean in Worthington. What a happy lot they were. Jack and Craig, Larry, Dick and Leslie all took it in turns do do their sets and they played to a packed house. Good stuff.

Saturday was a Charity affair at the Leather Lips Sailing club. Yes that is the name. They raised $13,000 for leukemia. The music was organized by Dick Plunk for this worthy cause and included myself, Dick, John and Janet Schomburg, and someone I met for the first time Chris Bare and his wife. What excellent performers, I was hanging on for one more song and then another until time forced me to leave. It was kind of these people to donate their time and obviously worth it by the amount of money raised.

I hope you have all enjoyed what ever event you attended over the holiday and that you will send me your items and events for inclusion. If you want to do a review send it to me and I will paste it into the blog with your name. This Blog is for you. I hope you will use it.

All the best


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