Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to get the best out of the Folk Blog


For the moment can you send concert information to be put on the calendar to me at I will then place it on the Calendar for you.

When you click on the calendar to see what's on, the first page is basic information, if you click on, Edit Event Details, you will get all the information. If it is any different to this contact me.

There are lots of events on the calendar at the moment and more coming in. We have built up to over twenty members in the first few days so that looks good.

SEND ME YOUR WEB SITES AND I WILL ADD THEM. I have already been told by some people they were not aware of the people already linked to the Blog. It is all publicity folks.

Please encourage interested people you know to sign up. Take a few minutes to send an e mail to your address list if you are a band or solo artist it is all promoting your work.

All the best


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